Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We're so BUGLAS Lovin'!

After our review at N.G. we decided to start our Food escapade.
to start with it, we headed to Buglas located at Lacson st. near Business Inn hotel.
upon entering Buglas, the place was quite not-too-space-y place.
we wondered where in the world can we 
sit down and eat, 'cause the place is like for 
kindergarten children, but when we were done ordering, we discovered that 
there is a basement lead by a small stairs down.
then viola!
the place is very comfortable, you can choose if you'll sit on the chair or on the floor.
so we chose sitting on the floor.
aircondition was available and plus the good/chill music playing on the background.
if you want to chill with your friends or with whoever you want, 
this place is the right place for you!

While waiting for our orders, we enjoyed the music playing on our background while were chatting.
and about 10 minutes of waiting for our Cheese Burgers--tadaaaaaah!!
talk about Y-U-M-M-Y!

What can we say about their Cheese Burger:

"it's Bitin, the patty is a little raw but it's OK."


"Juicy Patty."

"Namiiiit! Sulit @ P60.00.."

Since we're just newbies, for now here's our list!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Food Lovers

This blog is created due to the demand of these single ladies.

and yup, that's me holding the camera in an awkward angle.
let me introduce to you (from left-right)
Blessed Faith aka PEYT
Myra Joyce aka MOI
Drixzel aka DRIX
and Karaka TATZ

Since we enjoy being single, we decided to create our own version of "Boyfriend"
and that is FOOD!

who doesn't love to eat food?
it's a Fact that WE LOVE TO EAT.

Our motto is: 
"We are not taken my men, but taken by food."

sounds crazy right?but it's TRUE!